The Rhythm of Everyday Life – Pulse

I passionately believe that your daily routine is all you really have to work with. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow hasn’t arrived, and so here we are, today, again!

With this in mind your daily routine is your strongest ally, and your most powerful weapon.

The food you eat, liquids you drink, the way you breathe and any exercise you do or don’t do, all contribute to your health and state of mind, here, today, everyday.

The effects are extremely potent of this mix, food, exercise and breath.

Feed yourself poorly on all fronts, and you will feel the negative effects, feed yourself properly, or constructively, and the positive effects will literally fill you with light and energy.

This routine of everyday is the essence of Nutri-Beats, the rhythm of life, the Rhythm of each days intake of food, air, light and life.

Together we will go on a journey to make sure that you have in your  daily arsenal, the knowledge and expertise, not to mention the passion and energy, with which to flourish and thrive in these often difficult times.


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