wellness package

Looking for some food and recipe advice but not quite ready to take the plunge with a 1:1 consultation?! This Wellness Package might just be the right thing for you.

Making the initial move away from old and ingrained habits can be extremely difficult and quite scary.

There is so much information out there, both fake and real! Its daunting and confusing to say the least, and sometimes so much so that it actually stops you doing anything at all.

Its this first move that needs some basic support and direction, and the wellness package is aimed at giving you enough information and impetus to make the first move away from potential poor diet and lifestyle choices, and on to the road to fitness, health and happiness.

It touches on the basic elements of food types and categories, herbs and spices,  flavours and food dynamics, as well as containing some super tasty and wholesome recipes, with variations for different diet types and needs.

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