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Nettle Cider Vinegar

NETTLE INFUSED APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Spring is upon us, it is the time of new growth, the awakening of life after the long dark winter. It is a time for clearing out, making space for the new shift of energy and the welcoming of… Continue Reading “Nettle Cider Vinegar”

Warm kale & maple syrup salad

Enjoy this warming yet light salad for either lunch or dinner, packed with colour and flavours that span the palette. Ingredients:  Handful of kale grated celery stick sun dried tomatoes black olives orange pepper sesame seeds pumpkin seeds linseed 2 x soft boiled eggs… Continue Reading “Warm kale & maple syrup salad”

Green lentil & fresh mint spring salad

A nutritious salad to enjoy in the spring sunshine. Ingredients: Green lentils fresh mint Baby tomatoes Sun dried tomatoes Celery Orange segments Pecans (halved or quartered) avocado Beetroot Green & Black olives Salad dressing: fresh grated ginger sesame oil soy sauce juice of a… Continue Reading “Green lentil & fresh mint spring salad”